Property Loss Subrogation

Training Manual Table of Contents

Section One: Impact

Workshop 1.1--How Much Do You Know About Subrogation? 1
Definition 3
Workshop 1.2--Goals For Today 5
The Contract of Indemnity 6
Exhibit 1.1--Subrogation Relationships 7
The Subrogation Clause 7
Workshop 1.3--Subrogation Claims I Have Handled  11
Effects of Subrogation 12
Exhibit 1.2--Property Subrogation Recoveries--1979-1988  13
Exhibit 1.3--Property Subrogation Recoveries--Expenses--1979-1988 13
Section Summary  14
Section Two: Recognition
Objective 15
Introduction 15
Workshop 2.1--Why Not More Money? 17
Investigation 19
Exhibit 2.1--The Ebbinghaus Memory Curve 19
Use of Experts 22
Workshop 2.2--Qualities Of An Expert 23
Workshop 2.3--Critical Review Of An Expert's Report-Part A 25
Workshop 2.3--Critical Review Of An Expert's Report-Part B 31
Evidence 45
Contracts 47
Workshop 2.4--Contracts and Subrogation-Part A  49
Workshop 2.4--Contracts and Subrogation-Part B 53
Legal Liability  57
Civil Liability 58
Exhibit 2.2--Civil Liability 58
Exhibit 2.3--Rules Of Negligence Observed In The United States 64
Exhibit 2.4--Statutes Of Limitations 66
Subrogation Against Governments  68
Workshop 2.5--What Do You Think? 71
Section Summary 75
Section Three: Prosecution
Introduction 77
Developing Insurance Information 78
Exhibit 3.1--Sample Letter To Be Sent To Wrongdoer's Insurer 79
Exhibit 3.2--Sample Letter To Be Sent With Proofs of Damage 80
Workshop 3.1--Reasons Why No Insurance 81
Workshop 3.2--How Can You Get The Uninsured To Pay? 83
Workshop 3.3--Speeding Up The Process  85
Defenses To Subrogation 87
The Insured's Claim 89
Workshop 3.4--How Much Do Each Of Us Get? 91
Arbitration 93
Property Subrogation Rules and Regulation  94
Property Subrogation Arbitration Agreement 102
Directory of Participating Companies-Property Subrogation Agreement 106
Workshop 3.5--Filing Arbitration 117
Litigation 127
Section Summary  128
References   129