Accident Reconstruction and Negligence Law

Training Manual Table of Contents

Module One: Mathematical Equations
Accident Reconstruction Terminology
Mathematical Equations
Feet Per Second From Miles Per Hour
Maximum Emergency Braking Distance
Perception and Reaction Time
Skid Marks
Deceleration Time
Pedestrian Walking Speed
Workshop 1.1 - Mathematical Equations
Other Useful Formulas
Deceleration Rate
Distance Required to Decelerate to Any Velocity
Velocity at Any Point During Decelerations
Workshop 1.2 - More Mathematical Equations
Module Two: Negligence Law
Negligence Law in Automobile Claims
Assured Clear Distance Rule
Traffic Signals
Vehicles Traveling in the Same Direction
Vehicles Traveling in the Opposite Direction
Vehicles Traveling at Right Angles
Stop Signs
Motorcycles and Bicycles
Violating Rules of the Road in Emergencies
Violations of Statutes
Safe Vehicle
Other Duties
Seat Belts
Affirmative Defenses
Contributory Negligence
Assumption of Risk
Res Ipsa Loquitor
Intervening Cause
Workshop 2.1 - Res Ipsa Loquitor
Workshop 2.2 - Individual Case Presentation
Module Three: Reconstruction and Liability Determination
Workshop 3.1 - Intersection Accidents - Part A - Left Turn Cases
Workshop 3.1 - Intersection Accidents - Part B - Right Angle Accidents
Workshop 3.2 - Circle Accidents
Workshop 3.3 - Parking Accidents
Workshop 3.4 - Pedestrian Accidents
Workshop 3.5 - Other Accidents
Individual Case Presentations