Workers' Compensation Subrogation:

A One-Day Course for Workers' Compensation Claims Professionals

This course will give you the skills necessary to maximize recovery potential in workers compensation claims.  Throughout this seminar, workshops are used to give all participants experience in with handling often-encountered situations in workers compensation subrogation.
Topics Covered:
  • The significance of workers compensation subrogation on insurer underwriting results and profitability
  • Products liability
  • Preservation of evidence
  • Requirements of the subrogation provisions of workers compensation laws
  • Planning and evaluating a subrogation investigation
  • Identifying the defendant's insurance carrier
  • Theories of law utilized in pursuing subrogation claims
  • Use of experts
  • Defective workmanship
  • Use of legal counsel in the recovery process
  • Use of the Workers Compensation Arbitration Forum
"Our subrogation recoveries have improved as a result of CTS's Subrogation Recognition Training Programs."  Martin Iverson - Vice President - Fraud and Recovery Management - Hartford Insurance Company.

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