Negotiation Skills:

Workshops to Improve Claim Resolution Skills

Much of the behavior used in claims negotiations is generic in nature.  We have taken those specific behaviors used by successful negotiators and have designed one and two day workshops for the following groups of claims professionals.  As with any of our courses, we can tailor it to your specific needs.

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  • Casualty Adjusters (negotiations with attorneys and unrepresented claimants)
  • Property Adjusters (negotiations with the insured and with public adjusters)
  • Workers Compensation Adjusters (negotiations with claimants and service providers)
  • Auto Property Damage Adjusters (negotiation with the insured and claimants)
  • Appraisers (negotiation with the insured and with the body shop)
  • No-Fault Adjusters (negotiations with the insured and service providers)
  • Subrogation Adjusters (negotiation with other carriers and uninsured parties)

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