Job Knowledge Reference:

An Intranet Based Performance Support System

Company intranets and the internet provide a great, cost effective way of sharing just-in-time knowledge needed to perform one's job.  Claims Training Services can develop the performance support system your company needs to make your associates more productive.  Please call us to discuss your needs.
The performance support system you are about to view is a very useful, low cost way for companies to share knowledge regarding:
  • Standard and non-standard coverage forms
  • Case law regarding particular topics
  • Jurisdictional information
  • Department policies and procedures

View Performance Support System of the ISO Commercial General Liability Policy

The advantages to this approach are tremendous:

  • No more printing costs
  • No more out of date reference manuals
  • Low cost - the only software needed is a web browser -  and they're free!
  • All updating and distribution done from one central location
  • A true, just-in-time job aid!

We have included an example of a performance support system we have designed to demonstrate Claims Training Services' ability to develop web based performance support systems.  In this particular example, we have taken the ISO Commercial General Liability Policy (with ISO's permission), converted it to HTML code and have created various hyperlinks that provide more information about coverage provided by the policy.  Hyperlinks are also used to create bookmarks to all policy definitions.  Our methodology is highly flexible and can be used in many different ways.