VS Investigator Suite Accident Reconstruction 

Diagramming Tools

VS Investigator by Visual Statement is the claims industry's leading choice for accident reconstruction diagramming.

Quickly and easily develop court and arbitration accepted diagrams within minutes using the intuitive user interface and expansive library of auto and scene objects.  Preserve the documents electronically or print out as an attachment to a case file.  Convert flat two-dimensional drawings into visually stunning 3-D views for a impressive walk-through presentation.  VS Investigator provides all the tools you will need to build your case - precision diagramming and scene recreation, accurate statement taking, momentum and crash analysis, a detailed and state-of-the-art vehicle database, and excellent technical support.


  • Lower case development and closure costs save time building diagrams in minutes instead of hand drawing over hours
  • Recover higher awards by building a stronger case - visual tools clearly articulate a position and provide additional weight to case arguments
  • Preserve the "chain of evidence" - documenting the scene and preserving the statements with either electronic or paper case documents
Free manufacturer support - including online accident reconstructionists experts to handle technical and professional questions
Download 30 day trial version of diagramming software